About Me

I'm Jordan Walsh, a technologist from Melbourne, Australia.

I am passionate about creating products that solve business problems, delight users, and generate revenue all at the same time. I am a self-confessed product geek.

I've spent the last 14 years learning and refining my understanding of technology at big and small companies and I have applied this knowledge to create and launch web products, mobile applications and APIs to customers in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe.

My philosophy is to solve the customer problem first and foremost. To achieve this, my approach is Agile + Cloud + API. In doing so, the cost of product development can be kept as low as possible, and customers can be delivered results fast.

I recently joined the team at Xero to help onboard new partners to the partner ecosystem. I provide business development guidance and technical direction to partners to help them create add-ons for Xero that solve a wide range of customer problems.

I'm available for catchups about technology, careers, mentorship and growth a few times a week. Email me@jordwalsh.com if you want to grab a coffee.